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SHMS conference production set up

SHMS are leading suppliers of conference production, including seminars and AGM's. We offer full support from the planning and design of the set to the end production. Standard packages and bespoke design services are offered to suit all budgets.

From a small scale half day seminar for 50 people to a major international event for over 1000 delegates streamed throughout the globe, SHMS has the knowledge and solutions to create a fantastic event. Whichever options you choose all our events are undertaken with the highest levels of customer service and state of the art and industry standard equipment. Using the latest digital amplification, projection equipment and LED lighting where possible. We believe our attention to detail is what stands SHMS above other conference production companies.

The basics are the most important, clarity of sound so that the speakers can be heard and the quality of the visuals so that the delegates can view presentations with ease. Our friendly trained technicians make sure your conference runs with a smooth and professional outcome. We offer the latest services and technology to enhance your presentations including:-

SHMS conference production set up SHMS conference production set up